Hi, I’m Jorge Pimentel and I’m a Lighting/Lookdev TD at Double Negative, London. This is my space, were I post some stuff about what I like.

I’ll talk a little bit about my own research on Lighting and Rendering, and Renderman, namely 3Delight. I’ll keep it simple and I’ll try to post something at least once a year.

I’ll post articles that I find useful about new techniques, etc.

I will not try to make regular posts as that’s not my intention. I lack the time to make daily or weekly posts, so I’ll post something as I go along and as I have something new that I think it’s worth posting.

At home I use 3Deligh, just to play with it, so I’ll mainly post stuff about it and about some of my tests and work. I like 3Delight because it’s a robust Renderman compliant renderer, and if you use only one license, it’s free. Pretty neat hey? :)

See you around!